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Steven C. Bailey, has a Ph.D. in pharmacology and 18 years of experience in academic medical research, the pharmaceutical industry at major drug companies (Hoechst and Schering AG), and venture investing. Dr. Bailey has held research positions in oncology, hematology, and dermatology with responsibility for selecting drug targets and advancing drug candidates though pre-clinical development and toxicological profiling. Dr. Bailey was also responsible for the compilation and filing of four successful New Drug Applications. Dr. Bailey has also helped manage the investments of Schering Berlin Venture Corporation, a venture capital fund investing in health care sector, where he was responsible for identification and due diligence analysis of investment opportunities. Dr. Bailey was a co-founder of Trillium Medical Ventures, LLC in November of 1998. Dr. Bailey received a B.Sc. degree in biology at Cornell University, a Ph.D. in Pharmacology from the Mount Sinai Medical School in New York and fellowship training in hematology/oncology at the Harvard Medical School.