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Lynne H. Parker, has a Ph.D. in biological chemistry with 26 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and venture investing. Dr. Parker spent 14 years discovering and developing drugs at three major pharmaceutical companies (Roche, Sandoz and Schering, AG). She held research positions in diabetes, cardiovascular disease and oncology with responsibility for discovery research (choosing blockbuster drug targets), drug development (advancing the drug discovery programs through the proof-of-concept steps), and product development (selecting appropriate drug formulations and clinical targets). Following her drug discovery career, she spent 7 years in business development and venture capital investing where she was the head of the strategic business development group/venture capital investment affiliate of a global pharmaceutical company (Berlex/ Schering, AG). In this function, she was President of Schering Berlin Venture Corporation, a pharmaceutical-backed venture capital fund investing in the health care sector. She had responsibility for finding, evaluating, acquiring and commercializing cutting-edge technologies, starting new companies and evaluating companies as acquisition candidates. Dr. Parker founded Trillium Medical Ventures, LLC in November of 1998. Dr. Parker received an Honorís Program B.Sc. degree with a dual major in chemistry and biology from Syracuse University, a Ph.D. in Biological Chemistry from Indiana University, and fellowship training at the Roche Institute of Molecular Biology.