Life Sciences Strategic Planning
The Principals have many decades of experience in the life-science sector as well as in finance, transaction execution, and emerging-company financial and strategic advisory services. The life-science experience encompasses drug discovery and product development; identifying, evaluating, developing, commercializing, and marketing life-science technologies and products; executive management of life science companies; and investing in life-science companies. In addition, the Trillium database which contains comprehensive information on seed-stage, start-up, and other early stage private companies as well as public companies provides a valuable resource from which alternative, complementary, and competitive technologies can be systematically compared in the context of strategic planning. The database is expected to enhance the ability of the Team to find or create investment opportunities, understand the competitive landscape of each portfolio company, find successful managers when appropriate, and find complementary technologies for portfolio companies to license to accelerate their growth. The Trillium Team will provide the following services in the strategic planning arena:
  • Advise clients on management, focus, and structure of life science NewCo’s
  • Provide technology and product development expertise
  • Sourcing of investment capital
  • Advise clients on licensing/alliance/merger/acquisition and IPO strategies