Life Sciences Technology Search, Evaluation, Acquisition and Investment
The Trillium Team has the background, expertise and hands-on experience to find and evaluate early stage, life science technologies for future commercial potential. In order to find the break-through, innovative, and cutting-edge technologies, the principals of Trillium have developed relationships with medical schools, research facilities, and individuals who discover and/or create new medical technologies in the pre-seed, seed, and start-up stages. These relationships afford Trillium the opportunity to find, evaluate and obtain or lock-up newly discovered technologies, often before other potentially interested parties learn of the opportunities. The Teamís access to pre-seed-stage opportunities through their direct university affiliations provides a competitive advantage in its targeted segment of life science search, evaluation, acquisition and investment and allows us to provide the following services:
  • Identification and scientific evaluation of break-through, innovative, cutting-edge technologies
  • Evaluation of the future commercial potential of early stage technologies
  • Identification and evaluation of product opportunities/alliance opportunities
  • Competitive assessment of technologies/products
  • Preparation of risk assessment, liquidity, strategies, and diversification positions
  • Structure, negotiate and close private equity investments