The Trillium team's competitive edge
The Trillium Team combines strategic investment experience from the large pharmaceutical company perspective with a venture capital approach to this increasingly complex industry. Its professionals have a unique experience base that spans life science product development from the “research bench to the pharmacy shelf.” The comprehensive expertise of the Team’s professionals allows first-hand, data-driven decision making, critical for the identification of technological opportunities with the greatest potential for commercial success on the basis of competitive position, technological strengths, timetables to profitability, and the depth of company management. The unique expertise and experience of the Trillium Team, listed below, should serve to reduce many of the inherent risks typically associated with life science assessment, acquisition and investment.
  • Senior management expertise in all facets of life science technology evaluation and development
  • Asset valuation by experienced industry-trained scientists combining "First Hand" evaluations of early technologies with sound financial risk assessment
  • High Life Sciences Deal Flow leveraged by experienced and successful scientific managers and investment professionals
  • Relationships with medical schools, research facilities, and individuals who discover and/or create new medical technologies
  • A searchable, relational database of scientific information on potential start-up opportunities, private and public companies nationwide and internationally
  • Partners who remain current in the scientific/medical expertise and networks